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Website Development

Developing a user friendly and easy to navigate website is key to any business succeeding online. That's why DVM Digital offers a cost-effective solution for individuals or businesses looking to make a good first digital impression.

We are happy to meet any business to discuss requirements and provide a free quote for developing a new website.

Website Solutions taloired to your needs

Tailored Website Solutions

It is a fundamental part of the planning process to understand what your requirements are, and what goals you wish to achieve by launching a new or revamping your current website. We will take the time to understand what your goals are and provide you with a solution that matches those goals.

We could offer you a website that can be put together within a few days, but by taking the time and providing a solution that fits your requirements will benefit your business long term.

Responsive Design

A responsive mobile website is essential for any business to succeed online. The majority of users visit websites using either a mobile or tablet device. That means you need a website that will adapt to the users' device and still deliver the information, product, or service the user is looking for.

As Google now indexing mobile versions of any website first you may find that your website takes a hit in terms of visitors and conversions.

Responsive Website Design
E-commerce Website Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Offering a solution that would suit small and large businesses that are looking to sell online. Our solutions are provided in the form of a CMS (Content Management Systems), that offers secure and reliable payment gateways without any risk to the user.


In terms of SEO, updating or adding new content to a website can keep you ahead of your competitors. Adding a blog to an existing website can help to improve your reach as well as visitors to your website.

If you require a website solely for blogging or wish to add a blog to an existing website, then we can help.

Website Design specifically for blogging
Website Hosting

Website Hosting

As well as designing and developing a website solution, we can also manage the hosting of your website. This is an ideal solution for any business with a long term partnership or launching new aspects of a website over time.

We will then be able to update your website with ease, and also take care of any issues you may face with minimal disruption to your online business.

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